Money and scarcity

I have money problems and I can’t get out of it. I had money and I still have but in shares for a company. I want to start my own business again, I had one but I had to close it last year. I worked with therapist and I feel that I am so close to overcoming my loss, my job, my purpose. From this perspective I think it is best thing that had happened to me. I feel fear because my husband is constantly speaking about our debt. I don’t want to operate from a scarcity mindset but I can’t set firm boundaries toward him and I feel his feelings and even when I try to operate from the place of determination, abundance, powerful… still it is difficult .

C no money
T I failed with business and lost my money. I am failure.
F Sadness,fear
A procrastination
R no results

INTENTIONAL model (more generalised)
C Earning money again.
T I am determined to earn $$$$ till end of the year, because I believe in coaching and I will make coaching familiar in my country.
F powerful, strong
A Do each day massive action
R Having career and money again

This is my first month in Scholar and I am working with coaches on my beliefs and emotions a lot but I want to make some progress toward money also.

Thank you in advance for your help.