Money and Value

I’m in my second month of Scholars and am loving creating my new belief (which is my impossible goal) that this year I will earn $100k in my psychotherapy private practice. In addition to this months training, I am working through the Money training. After watching lesson 2 and attempting to answer question 2, “what value will you give?” I am having difficult time conceptualizing the question because my brain gets stuck and says things like: Is this a number? Is this a product or benefit others will receive? But most importantly, how do you assign a numeric value to what you give, what is received by others…or is assigning a numeric value even necessary? I find myself going in circles thinking that my goal is 100K, and I am going to over deliver, but how do I determine “what value will I give?” I specialize in the treatment of anxiety disorders, and so I know that I have the tools to permanently set people free from their anxiety, but what value does this hold? I work with people via 1 to 1 sessions, professional writing, and am developing flagship and mini online courses. Can these be seen as a collective value or are they separate? The dots are not connecting for me. Thanks, in advance, for helping me better understand this concept.