Money Beliefs

I am working on my beliefs, especially around money. I have uncovered thoughts that I don’t have enough. In practical terms I do have enough. I make a very good salary. I have plenty. However, I keep wanting more. More money so I can have both freedom and a lot of things I want to do in my life require money. I don’t have a problem with wanting more money, but my thoughts are coming from a place of lack.

C: Money
T: I need more
F: Needy
A: I dwell on the money I don’t have, worry about how I can make more, think of all the things that require money I don’t have, ruminate about how much work it would be to make more money, tell myself I don’t know how to make more money (or the ways I do know of I don’t want to do), I don’t appreciate what I have, I don’t focus on value creation.
R: I keep myself in lack and don’t create value from a place of abundance

Any suggestions?