Money Beliefs Podcast Hwk & Question

Hi Brooke,

I really enjoyed listening to your “Money Belief’s” podcast and going through the homework. I’m sharing some of my answers below:

1. How much money do you have right now?

2. What is the reason you have this amount of money?
This is how much that is leftover after expenses. Also, I had an order on hold last week which impacted my sales.

3. What are the feelings about how you attained this money?
I feel good about it, and that I need to work harder and put more effort in to make more sales and meet my sales goals.

Put one of the thoughts in the model to demonstrate this:
C: Money
T: I have to work very hard for it.
F: Exhausted
A: Work more. Stay busy. Push. Push. Push.
R: The $_______.___ amount of money you have now.

4. Do you notice yourself resisting to realize that of all the money available for you to create, you CHOSE to create the amount you currently have? Do you tell yourself the story that it wasn’t a choice, that you are doing the best you can? Or something else? Explain.

I can’t control whether people buy or not, I can control my effort—cold calls, lead generation, product demo/presentation, practice/memorize closing scripts, using scripts during closing. So how can I create more money when I don’t have the ability to control the people from which money comes. I can only control myself, my work ethic, my product knowledge, my people skills—rapport, sell, negotiation, and close. I can’t control others!!!

5. What are your thoughts on making more? List.
It excites me.
It terrifies me.
It calms me.
It humbles me.
It ignites ideas inside of me.
I can do it, just HOW is the question. Then, I think—I don’t have to know how, I will learn as I go.
I work so hard already.
I can’t possibly work more than I do now.
I’m tired just thinking about how much more I have to work.

6. Now step back and look at those thoughts, what do you notice?
It’s all about me. Lol.
I notice that I connect making more to having to physically work more, and that idea scares/stresses me, because I can only do so much and how is that sustainable and I don’t want to burn out and not enjoy my life.

7. Are these thoughts you want to be having on purpose? What do you want your thoughts to be?
No. I want my thoughts to be:
Making money is as easy and stress-free as watching TV.
I can make a fantastic living working 4 hours a day.
My finances rise higher the less I grind and hustle.
Making large sums of money is beautiful and doesn’t have to be a struggle.
Making money is fun and the more I earn, the more fun I have.


So, as you know, I have a big sales goal to make by my birthday and I’m happy to say that I’m making traction towards it. However, something I’ve realized is that no longer do I not believe it’s impossible. I am confident that it is possible. Now, what’s coming up for me is “not working myself to death” to achieve it—-while that may be a slightly more dramatic description. I really do feel like success, particularly in the making and achieving of XXXXX amount of money comes by putting in the work and LOTS of it. And I’m not opposed to working hard, or diligently or with excellence. I actually enjoy working very much. It’s just I don’t want to go to the point of exhaustion in the name of any goal— money or otherwise.

Hmm… I’d like to know your thoughts on this, seeing as you own/run a multi-million dollar coaching practice with very little staff, minimal overhead, and minimal hours each week. Because my thinking is if you can do that with your practice, surely, I can create/make my big sales goal WITHOUT exhausting my body.