Money Circumstance Thought Download

I’ve had a funny history with money mind drama, and although I have had some gnarly breakthroughs with money, I still feel scared that money won’t come or that my success is only temporary. Here is a Thought Download as well as two models: (for context, I also have a life coaching business and an MLM business)

I won’t make more money next month.

I’m scared more won’t come.

My success isn’t consistent.

I have so much I need to payoff before I can be free.

I don’t know how to enroll people consistently (coaching/my team).

I’m scared this coaching won’t help me make more consistent money.

I can’t find new clients.

Every time I make more money, I have more bills come out of nowhere. (car accident/medical bills)

I need more money.

I can’t spend my money my way yet.

Money is risky as an entrepreneur.

I might suddenly stop making money.

I’m not resourceful or disciplined enough to make more money.

I never have enough money.

(old model on one thought above)

C- Money
T- I might suddenly stop making money.
F- terrified
A- manic action, try and close people too quickly, put a lot of pressure on my MLM team, burnout, buffer when I burnout for days and waste time, complain about money.
R- push clients away/burnout my team and not meet their needs as a leader

(new model on above thought .. kinda struggling to REALLY believe this one even though I have evidence to prove it true)

C- Money
T- I’m at a point in my biz where I could technically do nothing for a month and would still have a few hundreds of dollars come in.
F- protected?
A- coach self around money, let myself and my team rest without guilt when needed, ask for coaching in Scholars and 2k for 2k, create new stretch goals from a place of sufficiency, learn how to make more money
R- create more possibility of knowing exactly how to make more money.

The above thought makes sense, and it’s so crazy how literally right now .. all my needs are met, I have great food on the table, I live with my parents, I am bringing in usually consistently between $600-$1200 a month in my MLM alone with the occasional life coaching client every few months as I build my reputation, yet I have made it such a habit to feel scared money won’t come again. It’s a very real emotional response in my body even though my circumstance is way better than it used to be (at least by my own judgment). I am committed to taking responsibility for these thoughts and coming to ask a coach as much as I need to in order to raise my vibration around money in a way that I just don’t fear or stress it anymore no matter the circumstance.