Money comes easily to me. Or does it?

I work in tech. I joined a startup in 2012 that went public in 2014 and is currently trading 34x higher than when my shares were first granted. That money came easily to me, yet it was the result of thousands of people at my business doing great work to make happy customers over the years. I joined another company that had just gone public and is now trading 16x higher than when I started. Again, that money came easily to me and it still is… all I’ve had to do is go to work and kick ass at my job and the market said that what we were up to was really valuable. I’ve used that money to invest in myself and my family, and it’s almost felt like magic, watching these initially modest stock grants turn into something that allows us to live life at a different level. How do I own the results of making that money when so much of it was outside of my direct control (i.e. market forces, thousands of colleagues, etc.)?