Money Course

Woah! I’m just on the first lesson and it already blows my mind. It has relieved so much about my current thoughts which lead me to where I am currently and why I’m still here.

I’ve discovered the two main beliefs I have that lead me and is making me stay in my current state :
– OWING MONEY IS BAD. This is the belief that lead me to some kind of reserved money (saved) for in cases of emergency I have something to pull out instead of borrowing. Though this amount is not that much because it is the only amount I can afford to set aside every paycheck. I also always have a certain cash in my wallet all the time that is somewhat hidden so I can’t spend but can use in case of emergency so I don’t have to borrow. I don’t have loans (except for the house me & my husband got when we married. And he is the one that processed the papers because I don’t want to have anything to do with debts and loans). I do have a credit card but I pay them in full on or before due date. I don’t borrow from friends and colleagues. I don’t usually lend money because I don’t want the conflicts in case the borrower does not pay, but if I do lend it is in an amount that I can afford to lose (and also in case the borrower does not pay in time). This belief somehow served me and leads be to be where I am now: someone who is debt free and have some savings. On the other hand, these limit me into feeling feelings of discomfort where I could have learn something. But no regrets now. The past is perfect for me.
– the other belief is [IT IS GOOD TO] BE CONTENT WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. Or in a way it translate to “it is greedy to ask for more than you already have” and I don’t want to be labelled greedy (although as I look back I am some kinda greedy in some ways because I always want to have some “extra/reserve” or that everything should be divided equally or I should not have the smaller portions, I want to be first in line so I can choose the best, etc.). This is the belief that is making me stay in my current state and preventing me from becoming a greater version of myself in terms of finances. This is good to know. Now I just have to bust this limiting belief. (and my mind immediately goes to “No! Dont change! Change is dangerous, you will die!).

Can you help with new thoughts to think? Or any insights on what to do and how to shift my thoughts? (I know this is the work I need to do but currently my mind is going the direction of being tired to think (lol) and wanting some external inputs)

Thanks much!