Money course success <3

Hiya! OK…so I watched the money videos (I didn’t do the worksheets yet) and I really started getting psyched to deeply change my mindset. I have made the “six-figures” in my coaching biz but it felt really tough to get to and I felt I was coming from a scarcity mentality. I also know I’d ideally want to make twice as much – at least. So, this morning, after watching bonus call video #3, I committed to the next time I got an inquiry, asking for what I thought my services were valued at and what would feel good to me so that it was less effort. My next inquiry came for a past client from the beginning of my business, where I charged only $425 a month. I immediately got ready to gracefully manage a rejection – she had tasted my past rates already! I told her my new fees were $1000 a month – well, that’s an exaggeration…for some reason I couldn’t say it and just said $900 sigh – and she didn’t even hesitate and signed up for 3 months! Holy shit! I am so thrilled. I feel like that was a big HELLZ YES from the Universe that I am on the right path. And it felt really good – except for the fact that I asked for $900 instead of $1000. But that was a good lesson too, since I got to feel that I really did believe in the value of what I offer. Thank you for lighting a fire under my bum. <3 Next time I am definitely saying * at least * $1000 😉 I also LOVE the concept of increasing value so I feel good about what I am charging. That really resonated with me. Thank you thank you thank you!