Money Course

Hi Brooke –

Just finished your money course and LOVED IT! My question is 2 part…

1) Two of my beliefs seem to be conflicting: money comes easily (because I truly feel like I’ve never had to work too hard for it), and I can’t spend too much of it. I feel guilty every time I make a purchase, even if it’s for $10, so I like the idea of really being conscious and happy about the decision and how much value it will bring. It reminds me of Marie Kondo’s “spark joy” cleaning method 🙂

I guess my question there is, how to stop feeling guilty??

2) How do you reconcile your own feelings about money with a partner? If we’re sharing a bank account and they believe in $200 dinners (which I find absurd except on special occasions), but think that my desire to spend $200 on pants is crazy….how can we respectfully make our money work together? Any tips for couples?