money fears

I started to listen to the course about money.
I did the whole thought download on beliefs around money.

And as I keep listening to the course I’ve noticed my thoughts which are; I’m so afraid I will lose all of my money or I wont have money. That creates so much fear. And I am afraid it might affect me and drive my actions. Its like I am afraid of the thought knowing how powerful they are.
Another thing is when I was listening to the lesson about debt I’ve noticed my thought “I can never have debt”. I never had one and I don’t want to. My parents had a bad experience with debt so at some point I decided I am only buying things if I earned money for it.
And I thought I liked my mindset on it but as I was listening to the lesson I got scared of it as well. Like what if me being scared of having debt will actually create debt?

Would love guidance on it!