Money for CCP

Hi there,

I received an email from LCS about CCP opening in July for 3 months. One of my goals this year is to make the money so that I can pay for the certification.

After reading the email, my brain offered these thoughts :

– We don’t have the money (which is a fact if I look to my bank account objectively)
– We didn’t even reach our money goals in Q1
– How do the other students pay for the program
– If we ask a coach, they will tell us to ask Future Self

I still fell confident and determined to reach my money goals, but with these thoughts I had this feeling of impatience and irritation.

Here is my model :

T – We don’t have the money / We didn’t even reach our money goals in Q1
F – impatient, irritated
A – buffering
R- Not making the money

It seems like I am offering to my brain the evidence of not having the money (and not making it by buffering).

On the other hand, it seems unbelievable to reach the money goal with a thought like: I am capable of achieving the money goal.

Could you help figure out which point am I missing?

Are there some exercises I could do to access my future self? Or maybe is there a resource in the study vault so I could learn about making money with my thoughts?