Money Goal

I listened to Brooke’s Money Goal Call and would like your assistance in choosing my money goal number.

I am a screenwriter and am currently unemployed, that is, I earn $0 and live off of my husband’s salary while I write scripts, submit them to contests, and look for representation.

In my line of work the numbers vary significantly as to how much a screenwriter is paid and for what work.
There are screenwriters who make $50K a year, a $100K a year, $15M a year and anything in between.

So as someone who earns nothing now, I, of course, would love to aim to have the wealth of the highest number in the industry but for the screenwriter I am now, even earning $100K a year is a dream come true. But I don’t want to aim for $100K because I want real wealth and everything that wealth will represent.
I also know that other screenwriters create such wealth everyday, so why not me?…

What would be the right number for me to pick so that it won’t be too small?