Money Goal

Hey Brooke, I posted a few weeks back about earning 30k by the end of the year no matter what. I’m completing the before and after model. I also listened to your first call of the month and took notes esp on the end where you talked about your money goal. Here’s where I’m at right now – I keep reevualting my money thoughts and found that I have lots of scarcity thinking. I am in the process of going back and doing more models on that and developing intentional thoughts. Out of it all though, I realized that once I earn 30k I will be free. Free from debt, free to move, free to find a job I actually want to do etc. I think what I need to do is really feel that feeling now right? Also live from the place of already having it. What does that look like for you and your money goal? For example, if I believed now that I already have it, then would I be looking for new places to live because I have freedom? Lastly, does it become more about practicing new thoughts such as the action piece? I am practicing new thoughts, but at points I feel like I need to take more action. Can be practicing new thoughts be enough action for now or am I choosing it just as a way to not move forward? Thank you!