Money Homework & Sales Progress Update

Hey Brooke,

So I did what you suggested during the Bonus Money call assignment and did a major closet clean out removing items that I hadn’t worn in 6 months, and/ I didn’t love or enjoy them. It was intense, I don’t think I realized how much of an attachment I had to clothes. Ugh. Sounds so weird to write, but it’s true. I feel a thousand times better and like a totally new woman. Lol. I am also committed to only purchasing pieces that I truly love and that are of the utmost quality instead of buying from a place of “oh that’s on sale! So why not?”. I listened to your podcast recommendation (The Minimalists) and it was very interesting. Not sure how if being a minimalist is my jam, but I’m keeping an open mind.

Additionally, I’ve been tracking my spending on entertainment and it’s kind of funny, because if you would’ve asked me if I spent a lot on entertainment… I would’ve said, nope, sure don’t. I don’t have cable. I don’t go clubbing. I don’t drink alcohol. But oh, oh, oh, oh… I eat convenience food A LOT. I hate to cook. I like easy. Then, I also noticed how much Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream I eat (buy)… it’s a lot. I said to myself, “but it’s food… I have to eat” and then I heard you say something like you need to eat, yes, but we weren’t designed to consume food in sugary, refined forms. Lol. So this is my current struggle, because logically I know there are so many better uses of my money and energy than on chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

As far as the sales, I completed that dare of the day (you know the one I clammed up on) and used the “I’ll think about it script” and closed the sale. I’ve actually been closing more sales lately than ever before, and I believe it’s in part, because I’ve approached it with a better attitude & thought. For example, earlier this week, when the prospect told me that she had to think about it and pray about it. I’d normally get annoyed mentally and leave shortly after. Now, I realized that that’s just a BS objection… and they likely either need more information or still have an objection and need help making a decision. I’ve also realized that it has NOTHING to do with me, like as a human. My job is to listen, present, and close. Objections, questions, hesitations? Bring them on. I’m ready to answer them. Totally different mindset than I had even just a month ago.

I’m excited to see you next month! Hope you’re liking Texas thus far.