Money Lesson #3 – selling/donating stuff

In lesson 3 you talk about selling stuff to get the understanding of what it’s like to have money coming in for your stuff (as opposed to just going out for more stuff). I love this concept but I find the process of actually selling my stuff to be time consuming and often irksome: I live in NYC and while there’s tons of outlets to do this I’ve never had a successful sell due to people flaking out (“I’ll pick it up tmrw” turns into next week, next year, etc.) In the past when I’ve done this the end result has been I donate the item(s).
For the last year when I have clothes, etc. to release from my space I’ve just donated them – my thinking is: these items are perfectly wonderful and someone else will have the benefit of receiving them. As much as the money coming in would be fun, I feel like I’m donating with an abundance/sharing mindset and will reap the same benefits (albeit without an exchange of cash). In doing this am I unconsciously limiting my abundance?

Love the work thank you!