Money Lesson thought work

Hey Brooke!

This weekend I’ve been working through Money Lessons and have some questions before moving on to Lesson 3.
Here are a couple models from the lesson one activity:
C: Money
T: I don’t know how to save or grow my money
F: powerless
A: Ignore spending, bank account
R: -21,500

C: Money
T: Someone will take care of it (i.e. I grew up with the belief a man will take care of the money, I’m single still)
F: ? in the moment if feels hopeful/relief I think
A: spend money
R: -21,500.00

C: Money
T: I live pay check to pay check
F: Scarce, shame
A: Buffer
R: -21,500.00

With the 1 million dollar activity I found I used it to pay off all my debt and the thought was: there’s still might not be enough, it will slip away. I work full time but am also wanting to build a business in an area others are successful at making money. It can be where I add value to, as you say, to earn more money but I also have a main thought:
C: business
T: I don’t know where I’m going to find paying clients
F: fear and scarcity
A: no action or busy work
R: no clients found

What should be my work at this point, clean up my thoughts around adding value to the world and my ability to get clients?

Thanks so much!