Money Lies

I’m going through the Money program and just did class 1- Beliefs; and my mind is being blown. First, I have been telling myself, “I would not know what to do with a million dollars!”, oh what a lie, I had that million dollars spend in 5 minutes and was ready to keep going, feeling nothing but happiness as I did it!!
Next, I uncovered so many negative money thoughts about the future (surprise…not) See how I was trying to have negative thoughts that drove negative actions lead to positive results (money happiness in my old-er age)

Thoughts uncovered: money will dwindle out, pretty much at the same time and rate as I will be dwindling out, every year will get harder and harder as I get less and less and smaller and smaller. SHIT, that is just downright awful and scary! SO GLAD to see what lurks underneath, and I am sure I am not alone in this thinking!! And, no wonder I haven’t wanted to look into taking my social security money yet, it might be my only salvation in this dreaded scenario.

After sitting with it, feeling it, stepping into my bad ass 84- 87 year old self, here is what I came up with.
C. Money
T. I can’t wait to see how I create money when I am 84-87 (random ages picked)
Creating money will be so much fun in my 80’s
The rest of my life is just starting today (as opposed to “I am dwindling away, along with my money!)
This is just the beginning of the amazingness that is about to become.
I’m giddy with possibilities, Watch me go!! (my favorite)
Anything is possible.
F. giddy, excited, expansive
A. create, create, create, use my brain, manage my thoughts
R. never without, got my own back

The picture in my mind of me in 20 years out has completely shifted. I am not an “old” 67. I see myself as youthful. so interesting that there has not yet, until this moment, been a vision of youthful 87, creative 87, abundant 87.

Money, money, money,

XX Janet