Money, Love (and maybe Sex)

So, I am getting this sh*t, and I am so grateful for joining in Jan and the subtle and massive change that has been happening.

As I was doing finances today I decided to pay attention to a feeling I was having.

Not uncommon one… tension. Even though I always have enough. There is tension.

There is something about “having” and “keeping”.

So I was toying with this idea of falling in love with money. That got me excited. Likely early “love” ….. and I could feel a “loss of control” – which isn’t such a bad thing… but still (I can see this back and forth thing… tension is control, and I don’t see much upside to that…but what then).

As I sat with all this excitement, tension, control and loss of control (man if you were in my head…..)
I found myself noticing that all these feelings are a little similar to how I am with my primary relationship.

And… sex.

Which gets me even more excited because I feel like I could “kill 3 birds with one stone” (pardon the analogy).

So if I play with an UM.
C- money, love, sex
T – holy sh*t there is a lot of big energy
F – bouncing between Love, excitement, tension, fear (I realize these are different feelings… but the bouncing around is curious)
A – buffer with distraction food.
R – spinning


C- money, love, sex
T – I am in love with money
T I am in love with love
T I am in love with sex
F – excitement
F – juicy
F – sexy
A (for all) – enjoyment awe of life,
R – awe

I can probably drill down the UM some more so that I see more clearly what my mind is doing.

Anything you see that I may be missing?

This is so bloody powerful.