Money memories from 7 year old

I’m 43 now, but in a recent conversation with my wife, I realized the decisions that I’m taking even now at this age, are somehow linked to things that I heard my parents talking about. Not exactly destitute but money was always a stretch by the end of the month for them (getting paid monthly). I have moved to a new country and have created a bit for myself and my family but have two predominant thoughts:
1. I should not be more successful than how my parents were when I was growing up
2. My financial decisions are driven by my childhood memories.

C- Money at end of the month is a stretch for them (parents)
T- I need to save to be able to get through things
F- scarcity
A- save whenever I can to the detriment of building my business, not spending on things that are required and essential in business (marketing, buying equipment etc)
R- End up saving money

C- Money at end of the month is a stretch for them (parents)
T- Business needs resources to grow and support my family
F: empowered
A: Spend on things that will support my business and family
R: Business flourishes with resources

Can you please let me know if my T line in IM should be more directed?