Money mind ninja

Hi Brooke: I just wanted to thank you for your money training. I had a lightbulb go off today – at one point during the money training I started wondering: I wonder why Brooke doesn’t go through things like how to keep a budget or how much to invest for retirement etc. And then I realized as soon as I was able to clean up my thinking about money that everything else (e.g. sticking to a budget, only spending money on things that add value to my life and/or increase my net worth in some way) is EASY. I have so much clarity now around money and how I want to spend/ invest my money. Thank you. This is huge for me – my goal this month is to finish the money course (still working through the bonus lessons and calls and will be done at the end of the month) and I’ve been doing daily thought work around money. I feel like this subtle shift that happened today in my mind is a total game changer for how I’ll live the rest of my life.
– Kristin