Money mindset

Trying to work on my money mindset to be more abundant. Will just spill all my thoughts and please let me know what you think.
My parents were always generous toward us kids. I don’t remember ever hearing the words “we cant afford it from them”. They set their kids up by paying for colleges, grad school for those who went, helped with down payments, cars, living expenses, weddings, whoever needed what at whatever time. They also lived large and bought expensive watches and a full closet of Hermes. They could “afford” it. But, now that they are nearing retirement age, they cant afford to retire in their usual lifestyle so they are choosing to continue to work. I guess thats fine
I on the other hand, don’t love working. I don’t want to work forever but I want to emulate my parents and support my kids through college and getting married, etc.
My strategy now is to buy small single family houses and rent them out. I figure if we can build this income we can afford to pay for all these things for our kids and for ourselves in retirement.
Except to save up the down payments, we’ve been very tight financially for a while. This has become somewhat of a marital issue where my husband thinks we are only living for the future and not for now. I disagree of course
I’m trying to switch my mindset from scarcity to abundance but somehow I am thinking today that my mindset is more warrior because I am trying to create a plan to enable us to give to our children and be comfortable in our future. So please help me Brooke. Thanks so much