Hello Coaches!
So I’ve gone through all the money calls from July and August and am now wanting to calendar them out until the end of October. I know that we should give ourselves a time line regarding how long everything takes to do this month but I’m indulging in confusion unfortunately. My brain is telling me that I will never have an abundant mindset so why bother doing this money work even though I know intellectually that it will work. I have been struggling for about 6 months doing the money work which started with of course Brooke’s original money program. I know where my beliefs stem from as I have done that work. However, I am struggling being around people who always talk about being broke including some of my co-workers and unfortunately the owner of the company I work for. She keeps telling us that we need to be busier with clients as it is a slow month and that we need to make more money so that we can afford to keep our receptionist. I honestly don’t think money issues are any of our business as employees but I keep feeling guilty as I know that I would like to be busier as well. I’m having trouble with it all, like thanking my bank account which is unfortunately at an all time low. I am not in danger financially but I’m sick of being broke. I went to be around those who are abundant and I feel like I’m not moving forward, I am in an endless cycle of never having money. I also want to ask about how to schedule out the money program. Do I re-listen to the calls again from the new money program and give myself a week to do the work for each call? And how do you break down what needs to be done in each call? Needing some much needed guidance as this is the most difficult work I have EVER done so far in scholars, even more than overdrinking which shocks the crap out of me! I mean if I can stop overdrinking, how come I can’t stop spending money I don’t have and get into a more healthy, abundant money mindset?
Thanks so much