Money mindset

Last year I had set an impossible goal of having 1 million euros in my bank account by January 31, 2022, by doing personal development, fitness, and advancing my career in investment funds. In the end, I have less money in my bank account than when I set this impossible goal.

I don’t regret it because this impossible goal pushed me to action. I decided to become a life coach alongside my law practice. I was certified as an LCS Coach last October. I have a client who pays me and loves our sessions. I started an Instagram account to encourage others to take care of themselves. I accepted an offer for a new job that I love – one where I work far fewer hours but got a pay raise and specialize in real estate funds which is my favorite part of the fund business and I wrote two books, one of which a publisher contacted me to publish.

But now I’m afraid that everything I’ve invested in this – and in particular in my goal of starting my coaching business – will be more of a money loser than a money maker. I’m spending more on coaching than I’m making right now.

I tell myself “It will come, it will come, keep the confidence” but I’m starting to feel a bit impatient, especially since I have expenses coming up for real estate investments I made with my boyfriend and I’m afraid I won’t have enough savings!

On the other hand, I don’t want to restrict myself in the pleasure expenses (clothes, vacations, restaurants, gifts to my relatives, etc), I keep telling myself “the money will come” while being afraid that it is not the case and telling myself that I spend too much.

So I would like to believe that the money will come back to me multiplied, but I would like it to happen soon! A little coaching around this anxiety I feel when thinking about timing would be great!