Money Mindset, Entrepreneurship & Fear – what a cocktail :)

Hi ya Brooke,
As an entrepreneur with a creative services side to my business and an online course side to the biz, I’m a hardwired 95 mile-per-hour person. I’m really well suited to entrepreneurship on many fronts – uber creative, easy visionary thinking, strong communicator, great saleswoman, know how to put together and manage a top notch team on implementation. Where I am hugely NOT cut out for this is the need – as you taught in a podcast – for entrepreneurs to be comfortable with having to be courageous all the time. Monthly overhead pressure for a financial worry wart and scardey-lion in search of a place to hide – is not a comfortable combo.

Brooke, we just came off a huge service project which carried our company for nearly 2 years. My plan and efforts as we came up for air on that job was to all that required to refill the pipeline AND build up the on-line course side of the biz to the point that once the big project wrapped, we’d be able to enjoy a comforting 9 month cash reserve in the company due to that large project. But an unanticipated tax bill against has wiped out 5 months of an 9 month reserve.Pile on top a soft current pipeline and foggy looking one in the distance, and softer on-line course sales than forecasted and so….last night when I (tearfully) listened to the money podcast (#24?) and did the exercise you asked – my responses on the fill-in-the blanks were these: Money is….unpredictable and scary. Money was ….always in short supply growing up. Money will be….the thing that finally kills me. (I’m the family breadwinner…hubby joined the biz 2 years ago when his industry finished imploding.)

Brooke – as soon as I joined Scholars, I did the Money Course. I’ve daily been working with my money mindset and overall mindset since joining Scholars in Feb – building models to support feeling positive and enthused about the pipeline refilling, about correcting our course funnel – but I literally battle my daily – sometimes hourly – on the mindset front – when the current reality is overhead against a pipeline NOT refilling yet. Then when I $200K tax bill wipes out the security I thought I’d built – I sink like a bag of potatoes.. So my question is – how do you hold onto new model thoughts & feelings that are not in keeping with reality: “under-filled pipeline” – and – when a kick in the gut comes in. How do you not cry – and how do you instead truly resonate with, live and breathe the new model thoughts when the rest of you is screaming inside.

I have a great hubs, great kids with one still in college. But I do fantasize about shutting it all down and running away to Portugal with my husband because I hear it’s cheap to live there. But I sense the cut and run so you can run away and hide is not the Scholars Motto.Especially do someplace you’ve never even visited! 🙂 SO – once again I ask you Brooke…am I a nut? And can you help? Xox –