Money (Model 1)

C – 0 paying clients, 25 free clients signed from February to June, 0$ revenue in business
T – I don’t know how to sign paying clients
F – Confused? Blocked
A – Not come up with ideas, not implement the ideas that I know, look for all the reasons why it’s hard for me to make money, tell myself that I am not ready yet, spin on thoughts that don’t serve, not make offers, give up on my action steps without even trying
R – I don’t opportunity to create clients

C –
T – I don’t think people want to work with me.
F – Disappointed?
A – Not make offers, make assumptions, doubt myself, doubt my coaching skills, dismiss the value I can offer my clients, make it mean about me rather than what I have to offer to clients, not make offers, not talk about my coaching program, doubt my abilities, not think positively about my service, focus on all the reasons why people won’t want to work with me, not show up for people who do want to work with me.
R – I don’t create opportunity for people to work with me.