Money Model 3

Here’s my Model with a specific C:

C: $211.50 in bank account on 2/28. $220 visa due 3/1. $430.21 rent due 3/1. $252 health ins due 3/1. $90.88 phone due 3/1.
T: I don’t have enough money
F: Anxious
A: Worry. Don’t apply for jobs. Buffer by scrolling, Drinking alcohol Eating sugar. I buy snacks and dessert for $11.90.
R: Less money

To answer your previous question, “What is currently stopping you from believing you have more than enough? What does your brain want to offer for that answer?“, the facts are stopping me from believing I have more than enough money.

I only have $211.50 in my account with these bills due. I do have some other money in another account, but I was saving it for taxes though.

I really want to turn this around but it seems very true that I don’t have enough to pay my bills. Isn’t that a fact? I know I created this for myself and I’m mad at myself for doing that.

C: Above model
T: I shouldn’t have done this to myself
F: Mad
A: Beat myself up
R: I waste my time. I screw myself over even more.