Money Model

Hello, I’m doing the Money course in SCS, in the first video Brooke asks you to do a model on your beliefs around money.  Could you check my model?

My model is:

C Money
T I do not have enough Money
F Worry
A Work for myself to be in control of my money
R 30K

Here is some info to give you context so you can check my model.
Money has been very scarce for me in the last 10years.  It has been a real struggle and some months I do not know how I’m going to pay my mortgage.
I did not always think ‘I don’t have enough money’ I think after graduating (about 12 years ago) my thought was ‘soon I will have money’. I have been self employed the whole time and the work has never picked up as much as I would have hoped. In recent years I have had a lot of fear around money as I’m never sure where my next client is coming from.

Money was a bit scarce growing up, my mother always complained that we ‘didn’t have money’ because my Father wasn’t paying enough maintenance (they were divorced).