Money Model

As I was thinking about money this morning while driving to work, I noticed that when I think about having money I always imagine myself as not having enough. Or really, what I do is picture myself as just barely ‘making ends meet’ but with nothing left over. I caught myself visualizing my bank account as having only 2 or 3 figures by mid to end of the month. So I realized that this is NOT what I want to be thinking. I have created an unintentional model and an intentional one and would like some feedback. And now that I have this awareness, what other tips or exercises can I do to encourage myself to have an abundance rather than a scarcity mindset?


C Money
T I never have enough
F Anxious, unsettled
A Worry. Don’t manage what I have
R Always have “just enough” but nothing extra, which leads into debt for me to buy ‘extras’.


C Money
T I have a full bank account of 5 or 6 figures
F Calm
A I manage what I have, not hiding from my money
R I have an abundance of money