Money Model Part 2

Thank you for the response.
Just to refresh your memory, my sitch: I have a % of a partnership with my family, though I don’t have access to the equity anytime soon, that makes my R line look ridiculously good which does not align with my T line. I could “divorce” the partnership for the purpose of this model and this money work but I’d like to get your take is on this.
This is the model you gave me feedback on:
C: Money
T: I don’t know how to make it
F: Defeated
A: Don’t make enough to cover overhead
R: 2.1M

You: do a model with this C: I will have access to 2.1M some time in the future.
Let’s find out whether your thoughts about this are influencing your current feelings and actions.

This is what I came up with:
C: I will have access to 2.1M some time in the future
T: It will all work out
F: Entitled (my family owes me)
A: I don’t earn enough to cover my overhead
R: Debt

I know the R does not confirm the T, but, this is big: I think the knowledge of the safety net “allows” me to hide behind the T from the first model: I don’t know how to make money.

So even though the models do not track as you would suggest they should it tells me a lot about the thought that is getting in my way.
What do you see that can help me get off the island (of debt).
Thank you, Donna