Money model

Hi Brooke,
I was trying to ask this question about your money homework on your ask me anything call but it wasn’t translating in that format.

About a year ago I left my career (actually it was mutual) to start my Life Coaching practice. I am not making enough to cover my overhead, I have borrowed some money from family and taken out some credit lines that will soon switch to higher interest.

On your first assignment to do a model you say the R line is your net-worth – you don’t care where the money comes from (husband, inheritance etc) it’s the thought that creates the result. I was taught I didn’t need to go to college or get a job because my husband would take care of me (PS: I never married, had a child on my own).

I have a % of a partnership with my family, though I don’t have access to the equity anytime soon, that makes my R line look ridiculously good which does not align with my T line. I could “divorce” the partnership for the purpose of this model and this money work but I’d like to get your take is on this.

C: Money
T: I don’t know how to make it
F: Defeated
A: Don’t make enough to cover overhead
R: 2.1M

I am so interested in overcoming my self-imposed exile on the island of debt—this is a super-duper unexpected wonderful addition to SCS, thank you!