Money Models

I would love some help with my two models.

C Money
T it’s never going to be enough
F Fear
A in the moment I immediately sit down and look at bank accounts, future money coming in, expenditures, think about what I shouldn’t have spent money on, look at numbers with fear as if they aren’t enough and could be more if I didn’t do something wrong, look for new jobs, think of items to sell, don’t – spend time with kids or husband, don’t plan my day or clean the house, don’t follow what was on my Monday hour one schedule. Spend a lot of time on the couch with journals looking at finances.
R ?

C Money
T I am choosing to believe this is more than enough
F Empowered
A I notice the fear feeling but don’t react, feel it and move on. I plan my day, follow my MHO schedule, set goals and future plans, I get ready, get my home ready and my kids, do my workouts and tend to the animals, look at finances if it’s at my scheduled time. I’m intentionally grateful for what I have and this opportunity to be home. Don’t – sit on the couch journaling about numbers, don’t beat myself up, don’t look for jobs, don’t try to sell items I love.
R ?

I would love some help with the results.

Is it possible to just choose the intentional model just because I like it better, I like the actions and the result better?

Is it really just a choice on what to decide to believe?