Money Models

This is my 3rd month in SCS and just this month I’ve started writing down my models. ‘In my head’, models seemed so easy however I’m finding that I am learning SO much more by writing them down! Writing them down allows me to see when I might have shifted to another model or when my results don’t tie back to the thought for that model. I am eager to continue to learn and grow, would you provide feedback on the following models?

Unintentional Model
C: Money
T: I earn more money than I deserve.
F: undeserving
A: spend time focused on me and not creating value
R: create self-doubt, I am choosing not to add value to the world and myself and I’m making it harder for me to create more money

Another Unintentional Model
C: Money
T: I make more than I deserve therefore this won’t last long
F: Fearful
A: spend frivolously
R: Have less money

Intentional Model
C: Money
T: The money I earn (create) reflects the value I provide
F: deserving
A: Find ways to provide more value, budget my money, be deliberate with my money
R: I allow myself to create and have more money