Money money money 🎶

I have been trying the last six or so months to feel abundance in regards to money. My husband is starting a new business and although there hasn’t been a huge amount of money coming in I have beloved that this his business is going to take off and have felt more abundance and have been spending money without really watching what I spend. Now we have depreciated a lot of our savings and I feel like I can’t stop spending this way but am now feel scarce around money and like we don’t have enough and that it will run out. I have a lot of thoughts so I’m trying to put them in a model.

C: Money
T: we have plenty of money
F: peace
A: spend money without worrying
R: not enough money

C: Money
T: I need to better track our money
F: determined
A: don’t spend as much
R: we don’t spend our savings

So with the second model I feel like it’s similar to white knuckling with dieting. And I want to do this differently than white knuckling because I’ve tried doing this before with money and it hasn’t worked.

I’d appreciate any light you can shed on this!