Money Money Money

Hi Brooke,

I want/need to make more money (i desperately want to stay in scholars, if I can’t think of a way to increase my income I’m going to have to come out of it, which is a thought that makes me feel sad, but I feel is also true- but also maybe adding panic?) and I have been practising new thoughts, but ‘the how’ is not coming up for me. I have brainstormed loads. My brain goes completely blank! I have also been trying to create and practice the feeling, of having lots of money. What else can I do?

I have a deep rooted belief that I can’t make much money as I can’t work many hours due to a health condition. If I work more, I will feel Ill more. I need to find something that is suitable to my health. I think maybe this is blocking me, but it feels very factual to me. What do you think?

I have been practising the following new thoughts

T – Making money is easy and there are lots of ways to make it.

T – It is possible to make money and still look after my health

T – It is possible to make a lot of money part time

Any suggestions?

Thank you xx