Money is My New Thought Project…

Hey Brooke! I’m realizing that my new big thought project is all about money. Here’s why: I’m working on an entirely new biz to launch in 2018. However, I’ve still got a foot in my old biz (in the “Make Money” space) – and everyone over there is yelling about “Bitcoin” and how they’re making bajillions of dollars and “get in now” to this deal and that. (Some people I know who got in early are now Bitcoin millionaires – and it keeps going up. My mind is freaking out.)

Yesterday, my fearful brain said “I’m missing out” and I spent yesterday afternoon and this morning all hopped up on “not missing out” and scouring the Internet for ways to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. This took me AWAY from my new business. (My thought “I’m Missing Out on Making Money!” created the result of ME, missing out on the money I could be making in my new business.)

When I realized what was up – I did a 2 page download on my money thoughts. My main thoughts were – “‘I’m missing out’ is a scarcity mindset. I’m thinking… there’s not enough opportunity. There’s not enough money. There’s not enough safety and security. There’s not enough for all of us. You having it and me not having it is awful.” (That’s the basic gist of it)

I then wrote out what I logically believe is true … “There is always opportunity everywhere – even during recessions. There is always money being spent everywhere. There is always money being made everywhere. There is no lack. Only the mental perception of scarcity and lack. The amount of money I have (or don’t have) is a result of my thoughts. If I want more money, I change my thoughts. The way to get money isn’t to chase it in desperation. The way to receive financial abundance is to put a lot of value in the world that people want – and be open to receiving money in return. The more you give, the more you shall receive back.”

I printed it out and it’s on my desk. Logically – it makes sense. Emotionally – it isn’t connecting just yet. And my old scarcity money thoughts feel like they’re so deep-seated, that turning it in to one thought (Money is Easy and Abundant) might not do the trick. Do you have suggestions on how to work on changing hard-core beliefs around money so I can stop being distracted by “fear of missing out” around money? I’m excited about this new business – but my fear/scarcity around money is creating hurdles. Thanks! 🙂