Money problems – MM

Hi Brooke!
I have started the money course and am having some real trouble here. When I go through what I would do with a million dollars let alone ten million, I feel badly because of all the things I don’t think I will have in my lifetime. My mindset is extremely scarce and I just think that I will always have debt ( I have an outstanding student loan that is 15 years old and another that is 7 years old ) and it’s always in the back of my mind. How do I ever start thinking I can be out of debt or make any real money at all? I don’t believe I will make what I want so I need some serious bridge thoughts before I actually get to a thought that I believe like money is easy, I will always have money… I’m a hairstylist and want to create value for my guests like your suggest so that I can work smarter and not harder. $50 K seems like a lot for me to make in a year and I would love to shoot for $100K but that is not possible yet. I am currently surrounded with stylists and a boss who talk as though we can never make as much money as we should I as stylists, that we drive crappy cars, etc. I don’t want to believe this at all so I’m needing a bit of help here with intentional models.