Money problems

Hi Brooke,

I was listening to the two podcasts you have on money and would love your help with my “money problems”. I’m noticing that spending money is one of the main ways I buffer. I spend a lot of money on personal development and things that will help me get the results I want in my life (a coaching business, a fitter body, a partner, etc) and even though I make a lot of money, I am still very in debt and am really struggling with how to get a handle on it. I know what to do, but I’m not doing it and I feel like I have tons of different thoughts that come up that cause me to spend money.

What do you suggest for people who have many different things they can put into the T line that give them the same R?

A lot of times, my thoughts are positive and I spend money because I am excited about the possibility of something helping me achieve a goal or because the person I want to hire makes me feel empowered to go after something I want. How do I take a different action (save, not spend) when the thought driving the action is positive?

Here’s an example:

C: I am $50k in debt
T: I know Brooke’s program will help me take my life to the next level and it’s only $400CDN/month
F: Excited, empowered, committed
A: Sign up for Self-Coaching Scholars
R: $400 CDN comes off credit card each month which adds to debt

I may be switching models here because it doesn’t seem to fit exactly (it does in a way because the thought is what I use to justify why it’s okay that the debt is still there) but I can’t seem to figure it out. I need to get my debt under control, enough is enough, I’m ready to deal with the discomfort, I just feel like I struggle especially when it comes to personal development because it makes me excited and programs like yours make me feel capable and close to being an example of what’s possible. Any help you can provide on this would be amazing!