money program-$1million continued

Hi Brooke.
I am so glad that I dared myself to ask you to do a contest for free coaching! Here’s why:
1) When the thought popped in my head to ask as I was typing the question about cost, I blew it off at first thinking that it was a stupid dare because I was certain that you would say no, and that it would annoy you to have yet another person ask for something free. The next thought was that was the exact reason to go ahead with the dare, because I did not want on any level to annoy YOU or make you think poorly of me. This is the fear of rejection that I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to generate through my other dares. It worked for sure on this one! I was afraid, and I had to work through that and be ok with possibly annoying you or allowing you to be wrong about me if it caused you to think poorly of me.
2) After I worked through that, fear of inadequacy came up. I thought “OMG! What if she’s in the mood to do something out of character and says yes!? I will have to submit ideas! I have no idea what I’m doing!” That one was panicky for a moment, but then became a little funny.
3) Before I asked about the cost of the training, I had checked your website, watched the mini webinar, and read the information packet. The next step was to sign up for the mandatory, live information call for the 2017 class. That is where I stopped searching because I was not ready yet to go that far. Submitting the question though, accompanied by the dare that was causing thoughts that created fear, made me question the thoughts I was having around the training too. Why am I not ready? Why am I afraid to click the button that says I’m interested enough to attend the call with all the people who are ready now? I know that my true heart’s desire is to take this route, so why am I dismissing it as a real possibility and just hovering on the edge of the path? So I dared myself again, and I clicked that button last night. Of course the training is full and there are no more calls for now but I took that next step and I am closer to becoming the person I want to be.
So in the end, what started out as one little question because I wanted to do the money assignment seriously, turned out to be a big learning experience. I am amazed at this experience I’m having in SCS! Thank you.