money program-$1million

I am currently going through the money videos. I am at the part where we list how we would spend the money if someone were to give us $1million, researching costs to know precisely how we would spend it. My list would include your Life Coach Certification training, but I have no idea how much that training cost. I only know “expensive”. The mini training video and certification information packet gave me no clue as to how expensive so that I can do this assignment. It is my understanding that the cost goes up every time you do it (not sure where I got that idea) so I understand why you do not post the cost, but I am really into doing these exercises so will you please tell me how much it is?

This also brings up a dare of the day. I know that lots of people have asked you for free SCS months etc, so no, I’m not going to ask for free certification…..though that would be awesome, and I would totally be willing to take it! I am going to ask you to consider having a competition among the SCS’s for one of us to earn a free certification training. If you say yes, I would be willing to brainstorm and submit competition ideas to you that would allow you to pick a winner that you feel is motivated, committed, and qualified to participate in your Life Coach training and who will become a shining example of the highest quality of your accreditation. Please give it some consideration. In the mean time, I will be working on my $1million list!
Thank you.