Money Program

Hi, I’m working my way through the money program. It’s been such an eye opener! You say we shouldn’t equate what we earn based on the hours we work, but rather on the value we provide but for those of us who get paid by the hour, time is money (at least according to the person who signs our paychecks). Should we be looking for additional income in other areas? I give 110% at my job but haven’t gotten a raise in years. However, I believe that by showing up and delivering above and beyond, money will come, not necessarily from my job, though. It’s discouraging at times, but I decided a long time ago that I will always do my best and trust that my needs will be met and I will be rewarded in some form.
Also, can you help me with this model?
C: Money
T: I don’t make enough money to pay my monthly expenses.
F: lacking
A: indulge in worry, mismanage my money, don’t enjoy spending
R: have an unhealthy mindset about money which results in having less

Intentional Model:
C: Money
T: I will always have enough money.
F: Grateful
A: manage my mind and my finances, think, spend and save with positive intention
R: I have a healthy relationship with money and always have enough.
Thank you so much for your support and guidance:)