Money Question

I want to book a staycation for me and my son and am having some scarcity thoughts around it. And as a result I haven’t booked any hotel stay and I feel like summer is coming to an end and I need to make a decision.

The thoughts that come up around it are:

“Should I be booking this vacation? This feels like too much money to spend. Maybe I should wait for prices to come down. I don’t want to go do this and be worried about how much money I spent, calculating dollars in my head.”

I also think that if I spend twelve hundred dollars on this trip that money is gone and I put myself in a position of not having enough money in my bank account. I should keep it to pay for bills or pay off debt. That would be a more responsible way to spend it…

This feels terrible and I feel anxious rather than excited to go spend a few days goofing off and swimming and relaxing with my 9 year old.

My question is how can I move on from thinking this way? I haven’t been able to find a thought that brings relief.