Money question – is my belief "too generous"??

Hi Brooke,
first I thought your money videos aren’t interesting for me, as I have no financial problems. But as I love listening too you so much I just started with them. And they made me think. For all my life (or so it feels) I had more money than I needed. I don’t come from a rich family or so, I just always found a way to love what I happened to do for a job and by some reasons climbed a few ladders I would have never thought to be possible – and of course, that showed in paycheck-terms, also (I’m self employed, but anyway). I spend a lot also, on all kind of things, but never have been in debt (plus am very conscious about saving a good amount for my retirement). So, no problem there, isn’t it? But then, thinking about the topic I realize that I spend quite unconsciously and no matter if I can afford it or not, I don’t like it (plus I don’t save a lot for really big things). Thinking about this all I wondered how a model would look like and I would love to hear your thoughts/feedback on it:

C: “shiny object”
T: “Money needs to flow”
F: urge to buy
A: buy
R: I have too many things/courses etc (more than I have the time or energy to really enjoy)

For the alternative model I would appreciate some input for the “t”-line.
“even money is allowed to rest at times” is something I came up with, but well….

Does that question even makes sense??
So much love!