Money Question – Negotiation

Hi Brooke,

I recently have been promoted to Director of People & Culture and after doing the job for a month without a financial increase (as a trial) I have a meeting with the CEO to discuss my pay increase tomorrow. Ive been listening to your Money videos and Money calls to get ready for my meeting but still feeling some resistance in the negation.

I am certain of the value I bring to the company and want to make $100k. Since day one with this company I have over delivered on my value always doing extra and have been promoted two times in a year and a half. However each time I re-negoiate my contract I always leave feeling disappointed and under paid and valued. I love my job but at this point I am willing to walk away if we can not agree on a fair salary. I know I am easily employed for my skill sets and feel like I am sick of settling on my worth.

I have prepared a presentation that reviews what Ive done in the past and all the new programs Im rolling out for the company. With this new position I am taking on more than double the responsibilities as my past position. Part of the resistance is towards the CEO, he’s kind of a loose cannon and not always reasonable. He makes rash decisions and I don’t always agree with him. All of these thoughts about him are what’s messing with my head.

How do I go into tomorrow’s meeting without projecting the frustrations about the CEO and from my past meetings about my salary and articulate my value in a way that’s a win-win situation for both of us? And how much should I settle? (Lowest Im willing to go is $90k should i even put a number on it?)

Thanks for your help Brooke!