Money Question

Hi Brooke,

Thank you so much for the call on money today. I want to clarify my thinking around this more. My new belief for this month to work on is to make 100K/ year doing work I love.

Something I have come back to a few times is that I don’t “need” this amount of money and therefore “shouldn’t be bothering with such a challenging goal”.

Between my husband’s job, my yoga teaching business and the books and programs I have written has put us in a financially great place when it comes to our household income, but for me to personally make 100K would require a shift in how I think and how I work.
The thought excites me but it isn’t something I want to do out of need but to contribute to my family more and because its fun.

Also, for me to make that amount of money in my work would mean that I was offering something hugely valuable to the people buying my offerings and that I am having a bigger impact on my industry. Given all that does it still make sense to have a $ sign attached to this new belief I am working on?