Money Questions

Hi Brooke, I’m starting to practice new money thoughts. Can I be changing my thoughts on how there is enough money while trying to bring up my income? I think these may be obstacle thoughts, but here they are: I want to make a 100K, but it won’t happen unless I’m a life coach. I don’t value myself, so I don’t have much value to offer to others. It’s going to take so much time and effort to make 100K. I’ve never created that much value before. I don’t know how to do this. There’s not enough time. There is not enough money.

I know I need to look at these thoughts. Do I run models on them and then come up with intentional (or laddering) thoughts? I am working towards knowing there is enough money, but then I also have a goal of wanting to make 100k. Would I be practicing all the new thoughts I would create intentional models from above as well since they are obstacles? Thank you!