Money Status

I like money, money helps me help people, I like giving it away, I like buying things, I like knowing it’s there if we need something. It’s an exchange of energy, it’s simply a flow of energy coming in and going out. Yesterday it made me realize how handing a minimum paying worker an extra $5 just because lit up her eyes, she couldn’t believe it. It made me feel happy knowing there are people who appreciate an extra bit of money. When I think of money, I think the government is out to take 30% of my monthly income to spend it on pet projects and I want to help people right here in my community. Each month I give $400 away to a family and need, I have no idea how much that brings some comfort and ease into the household. Sometimes I am scared of spending money, mainly because I don’t know where I am with it. Have I spent too much this month? I am overspending, I need to stop. This has always been an issue for me the unknown of how much money I have. I pay all my bills on time and I am not in debt.

C: Money
T: I’ll figure out how much money I have at some point this month.
F: Out of control
A: I don’t look at my accounts often, I spend on things I haven’t budgeted for, if I want it I buy it, I am not conscious of where my money is going. I go through my Quick Books once a month, I put away 20% of my monthly income for taxes and 10% away for savings, I donate money to people who are less fortunate.
R: I don’t know how much money I have on a weekly basis.

C: Money
T: I am in the flow of prosperity.
F: Free
A: I look at my QB and Mynt accounts on Monday at 2:30p for 10-30 minutes to review items purchased and see where my money is, I give with an open heart, I continue to save and, I look at my budget more intent and curiosity.
R: I always know my money status

Please provide insight and feedback to my model above. Thanks.