Money Story – July homework

For this first week of July I have decided to change my money story but I am having a difficult time with the facts.

My story has a lot of drama about there not being enough money and the things we can’t buy or do because of the lack. We had to use food stamps when I was a child, and for a time I repeated this as an adult.

I can go one about my story, but I’m not sure how to answer the question about the facts.

Is it the exact monthly income? Overspending? There is more month than money? I understand that money is neutral, but I still haven’t quite got it yet.

My story feels so factual. We always run out of money and go into debt and use the tax return to get back on our feet again. Every year I try to stop the cycle but it seems impossible.

I still tie money with how many hours my husband can work and how much overtime he can get. I feel like we will be better off when I launch my business because we will have dual income then.

Is running out of money the fact? Any tips on separating the facts when the story feels so true will be helpful.

Thank you!