Money + Terror!

Hey Brooke! So I grew up in a family who made good money – but were constantly reinforcing the fear “We might run out”. There was always fear that “We might run out”. I’ve noticed that the thought “We might run out” has kept me from even LOOKING at the money in our bank accounts – and so I let my partner handle it all. (But I think he has the same fear, too. I also think his thought is “What good is money if you can’t spend it freely!”) We also have a business together – and I don’t look at that money either. No money ever gets looked at. I like money. Heck, I LOVE money – but I’m very terrified of it.

Previously, since I told myself I “hated” my business – I put myself into a dire financial situation. Very little actual money in our accounts and a new $45K tax bill. I’ve been REALLY working on my thoughts around the money and tax bill – to not freak out, look at it as just “math” – and figure out a solution and implement it. However, my partner is CONSTANTLY skyping me or coming into my office or dragging me into his office – to tell me how this is an emergency, we need to cut costs, I should be more worried, etc. I know I can’t control him, so I don’t try. But it’s a constant up-and-down roller coaster of my thoughts going … “OMG! He might be right! We’re all going to DIE!” … and then I have to do the thought work to get back to calm – so I can start working on my project again to solve the math issue. Then it’s him coming back – setting off my brain (which must really LOVE this – because it’ll go into PANIC MODE in a nanosecond) … and again, I have to do more work to get calm so I can be productive. It’s CRAZY FEAR… calm… TERROR… calm… rinse, repeat…

First – Any thoughts on this? Or is this just a super-teaching moment where I get to figure out how more quickly talk my brain off a ledge over money?

Second – I know “Money is Just Math” – and I also know there’s a bajillion dollars in the world and so, so much abundance. But that “We Might Run Out” thought is pretty strong and the result is that I am running out. Any thoughts on better money thoughts? Or just 1? Trying “We’ll Never Run Out of Money” seemed laughable … and a neutral “It’s money” didn’t seem to make me feel much better. Thoughts? 🙂