Money Thought Downloads

I’m taking notes on the most recent Money call with Jamie and she suggested we think of money as a partner. How do I treat it, how do I act towards it, how do I feel about it, etc.

I’ve written my unintentional money thought downloads and intentional thought download.

I would like coaching on moving from the unintentional to the intentional thoughts, especially since there are many of each. Thank you.

Unintentional Money Thought Download
• You’re an unreliable fucker, an unreliable ass.
• There’s so little of you.
• You’re disproportionate to the person I am.
• I deserve better than the paltry amount that you are.
• I keep track of you.
• I don’t really much care for keeping “spending plans” b/c I’m not going to go into deprivation.
• You’re useless.
• I hate you.
• I ignore you.
• I’m not grateful for you b/c you only last a few days before you fucking disappear again.
• My problem is not spending, it’s earning.
• I’ve been working internally and externally to increase my earnings for years…since 2019 when Janet said she just doesn’t understand why my earnings aren’t higher. Yeah, I don’t understand either.
• I don’t understand you.
• You fucking suck.

Intentional Relationship Money Thought Download
• You take really good care of me.
• I like you.
• I love you.
• You’re awesome.
• You are enough.
• You’re more than enough.
• You take really good care of me.
• There’s so much of you.
• I’m impressed.
• I like to take you out of my wallet, out of the Vacation fund, and say hello to you every day.
• Earning is not a problem.
• Spending is not a problem.
• Saving and investing are not a problem.
• You are not a problem.
• You are a gift.
• I appreciate how hard you work for me.