Money thoughts

How to start believing I can make money….I want to make $100K in my business as a hairstylist by May 2020. I currently have such scarce thoughts about money which I have been carrying around for over 20 years. I have gone through the money course but I think I need some major bridge thoughts to believe right now.

My brain always tells me you will never make more than $30K a year so why bother trying to think something else. I’ve tried writing out that it is possible for me to make money but that does not work yet. I have to start even smaller I think like, I want to believe it is possible for me to make $100K in my business. Is this a good place to start? Or do I start with it is possible I won’t always be broke. That’s what my brain is telling me right now, you will always be broke.

I hear that in my brain and it feels like the truth so I don’t try to change it. It’s so unfortunate really. I am also paying down my student loan right now which also makes me feel broke. I made a promise to myself that all my tip checks would go to my student loan but I have chosen to take some education outside my city over the next few months so I am paying to stay in a hotel 4 different times. Hotels cost money and I now want to use my tip checks to pay to cover my hotel trips. How do I reconcile paying for my hotels with that money and also feeling like I’m letting myself down for not honoring my previous commitment? I don’t like having credit card debt so I want to pay it off with my tips so I don’t see it there. Help please!